#octel activity 1.5

I’m pleased to say that I am formally ready for online learning, according to Penn State, San Diego Community College, and the University of Houston. Good thing, seeing as I did the questionnaires as part of a MOOC.

I hadn’t considered using an instrument like this with my students (university students who are largely f2f, with additional TEL). I think I will use a modified version of these checklists before each unit: the instrument won’t only focus on TEL, though, it’ll focus on the skills and knowledge required by the student to succeed in the unit. TEL questions will be part of it, but so will questions addressing written communication and so on. I’d like to be able to see the results so that we can then tailor the unit’s learning activities to each cohort’s competencies and weaknesses. That said, I like the way the San Diego one encorages students to be self-directed by showing what areas they need to work on, and where they can find resources for doing so. It’d also be interesting to run the same questionnaire again at the end of each unit to see what progress had been made.

Another good activity from ocTEL.



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