#ocTEL week one webinar notes, and badges


week-1-check-inweek-1-webinarweek-1-tel-oneweek-1-topic week-1-tel-explorer

Here are some notes from the week one ocTEL webinar:

Kyriaki Anagnostopoulou, University of Bath

-it’s difficult to evaluate learning technologies that are embedded in contexts: how to evaluate them separately from the context?

-learning design as a choreography to the ‘dance’ of learning. At first I thought this seemed prescriptive–“left foot here, right foot here”–until I thought, it depends what kind of dance you’re talking about. First-year choreography is necessarily prescriptive–a waltz–while final-year choreography may be more interpretive dance.

-Ron Oliver’s “tasks, resources, support” model (1999) (Hi Ron!)

-focus on authentic learning: public outputs result in higher quality of student work

-Verpoorten’s 8 learning events model

-Bath Digital Literacies online student self-assessment: student completes self assessment, and is then recommended student and faculty-specific resources to address any challenge areas identified

-technology needs to enhance and add to the learning experience, not to be a clumsy bolt-on

James Little, University of Leeds

-academics feel: “not enought time to catch up!” No real solution offered other than that they should be involved in multiple networks of communicaiton about T&L practice. This doesn’t seem to address the issue, however.

-don’t’ assume the same level of technological ability across the student cohort

-students just want technology to work, not to be an “additional barrier”

-digital resident/visitor rather than native/immigrant concept

-SAMR model: modification and redefinition using technology are transformative; substitution and augmentation using technology are enhancement



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